Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Can Abu Ghraib Inspire a New Thesaurus
by Robert Wolf

This is certainly the silly season. Someone once told me that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, each time expecting a different result. This seems to me eminently sensible. A perfect example is 40 years of Liberal programs and hand wringing over medical care and the public schools. That’s turned out well.

The issue de jour that puts this crowd in a high state of dudgeon is the pornographic pictures from the military prisons in Iraq. This seems to me novel and nouveau. They are generally pro-porn, fighting any effort to ban it as a violation of free speech or freedom of expression.

Aside from a few abuses, there is really not very much happening, at least nothing to rival the beheading of Mr. Berg. Yet, barbed, inflammatory epithets are flying in all directions, atrocious, horrendous, barbarous, inhumane, etc., and the administration has had to circle the wagons. I, myself, have been hit. It’s nice to apologize for peeking at the prisoners “pee-pees’ and without doubt prisoners should be treated humanly, but it is also good to remember that most people are not in prison for parking violations, especially in a war zone.

My major complaint is that new words will now have to be invented to describe what happened to prisoners under the former chief pervert of Iraq. If it is horrendous, etc., to produce bad pornography, what words can we use to describe removing parts of bodies, mowing down groups of children, forcing families to applaud the execution of other members of the family (although this is a solution to the problem of difficult in-laws) or raping 12 year old girls? My thesaurus is silent on the subject.

Anyone with more than 30 years on this earth will, of course, realize that this too shall pass, meanwhile, move along, Looky-Lous, there is nothing much to see.
©2004 Robert (Davison) Wolf. All Rights Reserved.

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