Thursday, November 04, 2004

Democratic Sore Losers

By Robert Wolf

Now that the Democrats have recovered from the shock of losing the election, we are hearing more whining about unfair elections. Their definition of a fair election appears to be one which Democrats win. It was amusing to hear Senator Chuck Schumer of New York say, in an interview with John Stewart, that “when Tom Daschel loses reelection there is something wrong with the system”. There is nothing wrong with the system, Senator Schumer; what is wrong is the Democratic agenda.

When you speculate about what society should provide for others, you are accepting the premise that our lives belong to society and that society has a right to dispose of our lives, set our goals and to plan the distribution of our income. This is antithetical to the principals upon which this nation was founded, principals that still run deep in the psyche of the American public. Voters are smart enough to know that jobs, food, clothing, homes, medical care, education, etc. do not grow on trees. Americans instinctively know that life does not guarantee us success or provide us with the automatic satisfaction of our desires, that hard work is the key to success. It is as simple as that.

Democrats hold that without Uncle Sam there will be no one looking out for the poor. They also believe that life on the government plantation is idyllic. Just a cursory look at Social Security should disenbue them of that notion, but that cursory look is never taken. The average Social Security recipient receives $800, hardly a “living wage”.

But, even if government charity was a desirable thing, the government is broke. It is able to live far beyond its means only because it prints its own money. This places the burden of inflation on all our citizens and goes far beyond the diversionary tactic of arguing about entitlements, taxes and class warfare. In other words, because inflation steals far more from us than government gives back, fighting over which segment of the population should get the kickback is irrelevant. Whatever the amount to whoever it is given pales when compared to the amount that is stolen in the first place. Among Democrats, the same people who recognize the futility of the war on drugs, obstenately refuse to see the failure that is the war on poverty.
Of course we should help those who can not help themselves, but it seems to have gone without notice that the class Democrats insist upon helping own automobiles, televisions, cell phones and often their own home. Democrats have gone far beyond feeding the poor and caring for the elderly; the bulk of government largess is aimed at entitlements for the middle class. When did it become the duty of government to provide us with heath care and an education? Wrong headed though it is, if we could restrict government’s tender mercies to the elderly and the truly poor, there might be some hope for the American taxpayer. Ayn Rand wryly observed that “ a liberal's compassion is limited only by the size of someone else's wallet.”

Anyone who believes that government can spare him the effort of being charitable is delusional. Virtue can not be delegated. Worst, the believer is also a thief, because the money is pried from the pockets of others. Our lives and efforts are not community property to be divvied up by the mob. Only individuals have the right to decide when or if they wish to help others, society, as an organized political system, has no say in the matter whatsoever.

©2004 by Robert Davison Wolf, All Rights Reserved.

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